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Free "Computer Cop" CD-ROM - Dearborn, Michigan

Starshine started this conversation


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    Parents can obtain free “Computer Cop” CD-ROM to check home computers for inappropriate images or documents that children may have viewed.

    A new tool is available to help parents who are concerned about their children viewing pornographic images, or writing or receiving text documents concerning behaviors of a sexual, violent or suicidal nature. It’s called “Computer Cop,” an easy to use CD-ROM that parents can obtain for free from the Dearborn Police Department. Parents can run the CD-ROM on their home computers, which will detect pornographic images and documents with key words or phrases of a sexual, violent or suicidal nature.

    To receive the free Computer Cop CD-ROM, stop by the front desk of Dearborn Police headquarters, located at 16099 Michigan Avenue west of Greenfield Road. “Computers and the internet are a powerful source of learning and discovery for everyone, including young people,” said Chief of Police Timothy Strutz. “Their natural desire to explore, however, may lead them to web sites containing graphic sexual content, advocating drug use, or that promote bigotry or violent or anti-social behavior.

    “Parents have to watch out for the dangers that the web can present. Computer Cop empowers them to better guard against their children viewing sexually explicit materials, or becoming the victims of pedophiles and sexual predators.” Computer Cop will also detect text documents with key words or phrases that alert parents that their child may have the potential for violent or suicidal behavior. The CD-ROM is designed for easy use, so that even inexperienced computer users can operate it successfully. You place the CD-ROM into your computer’s CD-ROM drive, and Computer Cop will open itself automatically. Step-by-step instructions are displayed on the computer screen for the user to follow.

    The CD-ROM will work on any Windows-based personal computer (PC). Computer Cop does not install a program on the computer itself, so other users of the computer will not be aware that a Computer Cop scan has taken place after the CD-ROM has been removed from the drive. The CD-ROM also allows parents to delete images or documents, if they wish.

    The CD-ROM is being offered by the Dearborn Police Department in cooperation with ComputerCOP Corporation, a developer of computer security and forensic tools. The Computer Cop CD-ROM contains an opportunity for parents, if they wish, to purchase an upgraded version of the program that will scan emails and internet “chat room” files for inappropriate images and questionable words or phrases.

    The cost of the upgrade is $40, $10 of which is sent to the Dearborn Police Department to fund programs like Computer Cop and other community protection initiatives. The CD-ROM also contains links to websites that have useful information to help parents reduce the risks their children face when surfing the internet.

    Dearborn residents who want advice about how to talk to children about staying safe while surfing the internet are invited to call Dearborn Police Detective Sergeant Tom Lance at 313.943.2292. Dearborn residents who suspect that their child may be a victim of any type of illegal internet-related activity should call the Dearborn Police Department at 313.943.2241.
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